Capabilities and Features of the Open Cloud Exchange

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CoreSite’s OCX platform offers a variety of services to bridge different environments together. The service delivery platform allows users to bridge their environments together, connect to other CoreSite customers, and connect to Cloud Service Providers.


Layer 2 Connectivity:

Provides ethernet based connectivity to any supported Cloud Service Provider.

Layer 3 Connectivity:

Provides IP based connectivity to any supported Cloud Service Provider.

Native Cloud Onramps

Low-latency, secure and reliable on-premises access to Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Alibaba Cloud, Oracle and IBM Cloud from all 8 markets via inter-site connectivity and a robust set of network service providers

​Direct connections

To partners and providers within the same building, reducing latency, improving network performance and saving on network costs


Modern facilities that are able to support high-density solutions and modern cooling techniques for high-performance computing.

Public cloud on-ramps

Save on data egress rates and lower latency with direct access to leading cloud providers, such as AWS, Microsoft, Google, Oracle and IBM.

Scalable, cost-effective solutions

Deployments ranging from partial cabinets to private suites on a  national footprint so you can seamlessly grow as needs evolve.

Create private network connections to service providers, and other OCX participants.

The OCX enables users to create secure and reliable connections to Cloud Service Providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud. Additionally, users may create connections to other CoreSite Customers or to other environments they have deployed with CoreSite regardless of geographic location.

Connect your multi-cloud environments together to allow direct communication.

The OCX provides users with the ability to connect their separate cloud environments together in a seamless and efficient manner. Integrating multiple cloud environments is simple and fast via the CoreSite OCX and takes place within minutes.

  • Manage your network connections and OCX products
  • Add and disconnect Ethernet Virtual Connections (EVCs)
  • Add and disconnect Virtual Routers
  • Add and disconnect Ports
  • Manage routing tables

Monitoring information on network connections

  • Currently only available for Layer 2 EVCs

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