Ethernet Virtual Circuits (EVC)

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The CoreSite OCX Service Delivery Platform provides customers with the ability to create virtual connections to cloud providers and other OCX participants in a seamless and efficient manner. Ethernet Virtual Circuits (EVC) are virtual connections that bridge two network interfaces together enabling communication between different networks.

Within the OCX service delivery platform, users may:

  • Create an EVC between their existing CoreSite OCX environments

  • Create an EVC from their CoreSite OCX environment to a Cloud Service Provider

  • Create an EVC from their CoreSite OCX environment to an OCX Participant

NOTE: To create an EVC, users must create/order an OCX port first. Users cannot create EVC’s without an active OCX port. Please refer to the "How to Order a Port" article for questions on creating ports.

To order an Ethernet Virtual Circuit (EVC), follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the menu pane on the left-hand side of the screen.
  2. Click “Order Services and Support”.
  3. Click “Open Cloud Exchange®”.
  4. Select the "EVC" tile and click the “continue” button
  5. Next, select whether you would like to connect to a Service Provider or other OCX participants, or if you would like to connect your Virtual Router to your OCX port.

    1. If connecting to a Service Provider or other OCX participant, select the connection request type and click "Continue"
    2. For EVC's connecting to Serice Providers, select between a Layer 2 or Layer 3 EVC

  1. After the selection has been made, users will be redirected to the EVC order form.

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